Death is the end? As if!

Many people know it, and the ones who do not know it, will experience it some day – the deep pain of losing a loved person. Suddenly our life is shaken by the irrevocable loss. Everything around us seems to have stopped, seems unreal to us. It is not only the loss of the loved partner, friend or relative, but it is as well the sudden consciousness of living a life that will end some day.

We easily forget that fact in our everyday activities. We do not think about death – until it suddenly knocks on our door and takes a beloved one with it. Then we are confronted with it, if we like it or not.

Our modern materialistic society has the easy answer that death is just the end. There is nothingness before it and after it. On the other hand, the religions tell us some things about heaven and hell, which is not always exactly comforting.

This website aims at giving useful inspiration and courage to all those who cannot believe that life just ends with death. It offers a view on the topic which is free from religious aspects or esoteric dogmas. It may not be totally objective, for touching this issue always comes with subjective influences; however, this does not have to be harmful. I wish everyone who stumbles over this site that he or she finds use in it, as well as inspiration to develop a new view of life.


You are not alone

for the wall between the living and the dead

is only very thin, not more than a veil

and as true love does not know any borders

it needs indeed just a small step

to meet each other again!

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