Adaptation planes

There are several reports which suggest the existence of otherworldly places in which people, who have died only a short while ago, are cared for and looked after. These places could be called adaptation planes or arrival planes.

Before I come to some examples, this term may be explained more in detail: as the name suggests, these planes are places for adaptation to the afterlife. Mostly they have the appearance of hospitals or residential homes in a quiet, soothing environment. People who died recently gain new strength and confidence in such a place. They are cared for. There exist many beings in the otherworld which help the recently deceased, some of them may well be formerly incarnated humans who found a new and fulfilling job in helping others, some of them may be beings which never incarnated at all – we do not know it for sure. But in any case, they possess enough knowledge, wisdom and psychological insight to help the disincarnated humans.

In the case of old people or people who have been ill before their death, the ambience of a hospital or sanatorium helps as a transitional place. For example, if someone still believes to be ill and feels weak, he will be "healed" step by step in this otherworldly hospital, and gradually they will explain him the new situation: that he is not longer incarnated and that in the world beyond there exists no illness or pain, only if you believe in it. People in these places will gradually adapt to the new circumstances and then, finally, go on when they’re ready. The stay in the adaptation plane will also ease the people’s pain and psychic troubles which they might have brought with them from their earthly life. They are places to recover and gain new vitality.


Now let’s come to some examples from literature. Reports of adaptation planes do mostly come from astral travels or from deceased people which told of their experiences through a medium. The first report gives quite some insight in what methods can be used to produce some healing effect on recently deceased people:


"Due, I suppose, to the link with my wife, I was often taken to a hospital where she was helping. It is in fact an institution for the newly arrived. On one occasion I made a formal call at the office of those in charge. I saw a young lady there and, thinking she would understand, I simply told her that I was out of the body and had come to see my wife. Apparently she was new and did not understand but looked intently at something above my head. I realized she was unused to such a caller and was looking at my astral cord.

Not wishing to waste time, I carefully told her that it was night-time on earth, my physical body was sleeping and I had come in my spirit body – and so on. Still looking vague, she said: ‘Wait a moment’ and went to an inner office. Soon a gentleman came out smiling. I could see that he was spiritually advanced and appeared to understand everything in an instant. He said: ‘It is all right, just wait in the corridor’.

I went outside and waited; in a matter of seconds, so it seemed, my wife came along the corridor. I was shown over this hospital, which was for young women who had passed early in life. In the dining hall a meal was in progress. The massed thought gave me a strange feeling of hunger at first and as I passed between the tables I contacted their auras. Many contained the shock of accident, fear, illness and worry. With some there still lingered the smell of ether from the earthly hospitals. A few had slight red patches on arms, necks and faces, which I sensed were the marks of earthly accidents and still held by their mental recollections.

None looked ill and there was a general air of cheerfulness in the hall with feelings of vitality and well being. This, I knew, was being continuously infused in some way by the advanced people in charge and was the treatment necessary in these particular cases. When I left the hospital, the staff stood at the entrance to their office and watched me pass. They seemed to be interested in me, a curiosity from earth – complete with astral cord!"

(F. C. Sculthorp 1962: Excursions to the Spirit World – A report of personal experiences during conscious astral projection. Almorris Press, London, pp. 50-51)

The next example is told from the viewpoint of a recently deceased person that tells about his experiences in an adaptation plane and his healing process there. It seems like a time of holidays and rest after the long and strenuous incarnation time.

The House of Rest

"For the time being I will stay where I am now: in a wonderful house of rest, which provides everything that the newcomer needs at first. Here you have rest in every respect, light and warmth, and you cannot imagine in the slightest how this experience is in reality.

First, I do nothing; I just enjoy the magnificent ambience or close my eyes and stretch my limbs on a soft chair. I have a beautiful, really comfortable room which is furnished completely to my taste. When I go to the window – the windows are always open and a balsamic scent comes in – I see a lovely park with trim lawn, flower beds and bushes; waterworks are there as well. People wave to me, happy and laughing.

Every now and then, someone looks after us. A kind of – let’s say, a nurse, just to use an earthly term for it. She takes care of me for the first period. I am happy that I got finished with my probation on earth and, as I found out now, I managed this time quite well with her help."

(Die andere Welt, 1963/II, 14/9: 653-654; translated from the German)

And here our last example – as the first one, it is a report from an astral journey:

The Huts of the Sleeping

"It was broad daylight, although – as in most astral travels – there was no sun to see. In front of me there was a suburb street. On the left side there were meadows, with patches of bushes, and on the right side the ground was elevated in a kind of rounded step, and after it followed a hilly landscape. On this elevated area there stood tiny houses, which were built in a varied way. Between the houses, there were bushes and trees which gave this settlement area an idyllic ambience.

In most cases, there were neat steps which led from the street to the huts. I decided to visit one of the huts, which drew my attention due to a beautiful, pointed gable of its roof. When I had arrived there, I tried to look through the two little windows, but the curtains were closed. Thus, I opened the wooden door which had a brown finish. Inside, there was a single small room, slightly dim due to the drawn curtains. On a daybed, there was a man sleeping, he was around fifty years old. I looked at him carefully. He lay there as if lifeless, without visible breathing movements. But he was not dead. I could clearly sense his life in his auric radiation.

I went on and, full of curiosity, I opened the doors of a few other huts, too. It was the same everywhere – in every hut there was a sleeping person. After this excursion, I wandered on through the landscape."

(Alfred Ballabene 2016: Außerkörperliche Erfahrungen Teil 5 – Jenseitige Ebenen., Vienna, p. 54; translated from the German)

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