My neighbour, who was a good friend of mine, would be still alive today if he had heeded the warning of his deceased brother. His brother had died one year before. My neighbour planned to go on a trip at the weekend. But two nights before his departure, his deceased brother appeared in a dream and warned him not to go on the trip, in no way.

I remember how my neighbour told me of his dream. "So, what will you do?", I asked. "Ah, it was just a dream", he replied. "I do not believe in such things." I did not know what to think about it, too, for I never had such dreams.

When I got the message that my neighbour had died in a car accident on his trip, I was shocked. And even today, I still ask myself if I could have convinced him, back then, when he told me of his dream, to heed the warning of his brother. But now it is too late for that.

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