Once, I went with my cousin to her best friend. When we arrived in the friend's house, her aunt was there as well. As soon as I looked at this woman, I fell silent. Something about her made me shiver. She was dressed completely in black. It was obvious that she was in sorrow.

"Ah, it is a strange story", my cousin told me when we were back on the way home. Her best friend's aunt had lost her only son. He had been a young man and death had come unexpectedly. His mother had went mad with sorrow. She had only cried, not only for a few days, but for a long time. Nobody could comfort her and everybody had feared that she might go mad.

Then, one night, her deceased son had come to her in a dream. "Mother, please stop crying. I am nearly drowning in your tears. I am well, and I am with you. Please stop crying, for I am happy and I did not leave you and I never will."

Hereupon, told my cousin, the mourning mother had stopped crying. Since then, she never had cried again for her son. But she will always dress herself in black, as a sign of her connection with her beloved son.

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