Why do I write about this?

Life after death – a difficult topic. Many people may say that nothing on this area can be proved. Maybe you cannot measure it with physical measuring devices and put it into numbers. But still, there exists very useful and informative evidence for life after death.

It makes me sad that the majority still thinks that death is the end, feels uncertainty about it and fears it. I am convinced that this is not necessary.

I can't stand thinking of all those loved, "deceased" brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends over there, who would do everything to contact their living relatives and tell them "Hey guys, I am still here, it's okay. You don't have to cry." But it is not easy for them to be heard. Many of them even try to do their best to help us in our lives. It is hard for them that their loved ones, left behind in the material world, think they're "dead" and even try to forget them!

I am convinced that they are alive and I have had my own experiences which made me change my view of the world. I want to spread this knowledge and inner trust I have, so that others may get at least a slight bit of it.

"How can she know?", you may ask. "What proof do we have?" But believe me, we have enough hints to be sure that death is not the end. Just go on reading and you may find some inspiration and incentives here.

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